NOOR produksjoner

NOOR produksjoner is a live art production company specialicing in performancebased project that explores the situation in the Middle East.
NOOR productions ANS is run by acter and director Trond Peter Stamsø Munch and playwright and dramaturge Tale Næss.
Follow the progress of all our projects and the projects of our collaborators on this blog, and feel free to give us comments and input.
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lørdag 11. mai 2019

Poem on the 8th of May 2019 titled "three roads"

This poem was performed in Olafshallen in Trondheim, in solidarity With the Palestinian people and the situation for all the inhabitants of Jerusalem right now.
The text is in Norwegian.
Mai på tempelhøyden
der byen vokser vilt
til suset fra pinjeskoger
                                             er lyset mildt
reiser vi gjennom tida
Tre veier fører hit
En fra tida før tid
                            smal og dyp
            med flokker av flyktninger, kjerrer, busser, biler
Et barn strekker seg på tå, det har en hund etter seg
Den er blind på begge øyne
En gammel kone bærer en krukke fylt med jord
I den vokser det
                                   Et oliventre
Den siste veien begynner ved

torsdag 10. januar 2019

"Sweatshop - Aleppo" - one of the chosen plays for the Festival of Norwegian Drama 2019

NOOR Productions Tale Næss` play "Sweatshop - Aleppo" has been chosen by the jury for the Festival of New Norwegian Drama, to be one of the three most interesting plays for children and youth in Norway in 2019.
It will be performed at the festival in 2019.
The play handleds the situation among young refugees from Syria, and has been developed through NOOR Productions with the support from the Norwegian Culture Counsil.
We thank all the actors and dancers that have participated in workshoping the text, and Oslo National Academy of the Arts for being a part of the process, as the play is a part of Næss` PHD in playwriting there.
Read more about the festival and the play here:


torsdag 27. september 2018

NOORs Tale Næss commissioned to write for the anual NRK-fundraiser TV-aksjonen

On comission NOOR produksjoners Tale Næss has written a poem for this concert that takes Place in Trondheim on the 5th of October to rise money for the fundraiser "Less alone together" in support for Bymisjonen.
Næss` poem is called "Ute" and takles the situation of being pushed away to the edges of society. Weather as a homeless, an addict or a refugee.
You can read the poem in Norwegian here:


Du har en hvit stein
i lomma
du har et frø i hjerte
et bitt i kinnet
Ingen følger deg hjem
Du står i krysset og venter
på de som ikke kommer
på å smette handa ned
                     i ei varm bukselomme
Bålet tenner du
                     i tanken
er stedet du tråkker opp for å få
                   dagene til å møtes
Jeg er ikke hjemløs sier du

drar jakka over hodet
finner et busskur, et kratt, en trapp å sitte på
         kan man også være

Du teller ikke år
                  du teller dagene
                                             du kan holde igjen - Denne dagen
er ikke den siste
heller ikke denne natta
                 skal spise deg levende
Angsten er et sted å bebo
Navnet et plagg å kle på seg
Hver morgen sier du ditt eget navn om igjen og om igjen
til det dekker deg helt - så ensomheten ikke skal finne veien inn

gjennom huden
            gjennom munnen

            gjennom øret
            gjennom sprekken i tankene
Du er ikke fremmed
              du er fremme
Her sier du

kjenner dere meg igjen?
Stå da
og se inn i de lysende stuene
Stå da
                      i deg selv
og vent
bare litt til
til vi ser at du er der
Til vi lukker deg inn

mandag 17. september 2018

Thank you Trondheim

We are happy to report about a full house and a happy audience after the performance of "the Blessed" in Trondheim on Sunday the 16th.
  Here are some of the feedback from the audience:

- A wonderful performance. A beautiful and gripping text performed beautifully.

- This play moved me to tears. What a wonderful text!

- An important play about loss of civil rights and moral dilemmas. About people torn between their individual needs, the State, and political movements. A fantastic play! It`s great that friends of Palestine also shed light on ordinary people lives and destinys -

- Thanks for a fantastic performance!! It was really good!! Me and my friend were both overwhelmed. Strong and increadably well written.

- Thanks for a wonderful performance. Fantastic text and a nice actor. The audience loved it... I thought the text had such beauty and at the same time it managed to produce a beleavable character that made us identify with him. This also thanks to the actors fine work. 

- Congratulations - really good performance. A full house and the audience was so excited.

The photo is from the converastion between Peder Martin Lysestøl, author of several books on the palestinian question and Israely economics, and the director Trond Peter Stamsø Munch from NOOR produksjoner.
  The conversation took place after the performance.


onsdag 12. september 2018

Actor and director hard at work in Trondheim

The rehearsals are now on their way before the performance of "the Blessed" in Trondheim. The actor Fredrik Hermansen and the director Trond Peter Stamsø Munch are hard at work at Prropellen Theaters rehearsalspace at Bispehaugen.
  Through this the text is back where it was developed - together With Propellen Teater, and we are looking forward to it meeting the audience in this sunday.
  Photo: Trond Peter Stamsø Munch.

torsdag 6. september 2018

"the Blessed " is ready for Trondheim

In Collaboration with the Palestine Commity in Trondheim we will perform "the Blessed" at Kulturtorget at Trondheim Folkebibliotek at 19.00 on the 16th of September.
   After the performance, Peder Martin Lysestøl, will present the latest news on Israely lageslations and the impact it has on the people living in East- Jerusalem.
  This spring the performance drew a full house and warm ovations at Rådstua Teaterhus in Tromsø.
 The Picture is of the houses that the conflict this performance centres around. Two Israely settlements on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem. The Picture is taken by Lisen Lie the autumn of 2017.
  All though the performance "the Blessed" is fiction i fiction, it is inspired and partly based on a real murder that took Place in Jericho in 2006.
  After this - the performance will travel to Oslo and the festival MOTforestillinger where it will be performed this spring.

onsdag 25. april 2018

Full house and ovations at the opening night of "the Blessed"

The house was sold out and the ovations was warm for the first showing of "the Blessed" at Rådstua Teaterhus in Tromsø.
  The performance was followed by an introduction into the situation in Jerusalem at the moment, and a conversation between the NOOR Production team, represented by playwright Tale Næss and director Trond Peter Stamsø Munch.
  The next performance will take place in Trondheim in September.
  Lots of thanks to Our wonderful audience, to Rådstua Teaterhus and to our co-producers, Vennskapsforeningen Gaza-Tromsø.
  In Trondheim we will collaborate With the Palestine Comitee. We are looking forward to the collaboration.

You can read Knut Boruds talk about the situation in Jerusalem here. His speech was in Norwegian.

Hvem eier Jerusalem – Hvordan er situasjonen i dag?

Til innledning av samtale etter «Den Velsignede» 6. april 2018.

mandag 19. mars 2018

Tickets available for "the Blessed"

You can now buy Your tickets for the performance "the Blessed" in Tromsø at 18.00 - on the 6th of April at Rådstua in Tromsø.
Use this link:
There is a limited amount of tickets.
Photo from the rehearsels by Sabina Jacobsson.

fredag 9. februar 2018

With reasent support from the Norwegian organization supporting freedom of speech

- Fritt Ord and the arts fund Fond for Lyd og Bilde, - is NOOR produksjoner now fast apraoching the first stages of production of the monologue "the Blessed".
  The opening night will be in Tromsø on the 6th of April, during the anual Gaza week.
  Fredrik Hermansen will act the part, and the scenographer, video designer and artist Sabina Jacobsson will be respondible for the visuals.
  The photo in this post is hers`.
  For more see:

lørdag 16. desember 2017

Today NOOR produksjoner joins the protest against Trumps recogition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in Trondheim

NOOR produksjoners Tale Næss has written this poem, here in a rough English translation. And it was read at a protest gathering in Tordenskjoldparken today, at 13.30 in Trondheim by NOOR produksjoners Trond Peter Stamsø Munch.



There is no claim to ownership

for that who belong to us all

If your walls tumble

prayers will raise from the ground in Aramaic

in Arabic

in German and French

fredag 8. desember 2017

Poem protesting Trumps recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel



Ingen kan eie deg

Om murene faller

vil bønner skyte opp fra grunnen

på tysk, på arabisk og arameisk

torsdag 9. november 2017

After three days of intense workshopping and a sensitive and strong reading at Oslo National Academy of the Arts yesterday on the 8th of November in Oslo - the festival MOTforestillinger writes (in Norwegian): "Tusen takk til alle involverte for en nydelig og sterk lesning og samtale på KHiO i går! Vi gleder oss til lesningen fra tekstene dramatikerne har skrevet i løpet av Collective Workshop på førstkommende lørdag kl.14.15, Egal teater i Munkedamsveien 80.
   We in NOOR produksjoner feels priveledge for once more to be able to collaborate With MOTforestillinger - and for the opportunity to hoste this artistic meetingplace and think-tank between Palestinian and Norwegian writers. Thanks also to the actors for joining us on the last day for the reading
  We will post extracts from this texts on this blog - and if anyone are interested in Reading more, please do not hesitate to contact us.


torsdag 28. september 2017


Yet again NOOR productions collaborate with the festival MOTforestillinger that will take place in Oslo on the weekend of the 11th and 12th of November.
Today the poster for the festival is ready.
It is made by Chris Reddy

The festival will take place at Egal Teater, Munkedamsveien 80.
It offer readings, performances and NOOR will be arranging a collective writing workshop for Palestinian and Norwegian playwrightes at Oslo National Academy of the Arts.
  The workshop will be lead by NOOR productions Tale Næss.

mandag 29. mai 2017

New production on the way for NOOR productions

Today we are one step closer to making our next production "the Blessed" a reality. With support from Fond for Lyd og Bilde and Tromsø City Counsil, we hope to be able to have our opening night this winter. The production is a monologue based on true events: A murder of a palestinian man from east Jerusalem that took place in Jericho in 2006. The murder happened after he sold his land on the Olive Mount to Jewish settlers. How could he sell this land? Why was he murdered? And why did he go to Jericho when he knew this could mean danger? Even a treath on his life?
The monologue is written by NOOR productions playwright Tale Næss (picture to the left) and is about family roots, love and betrayal.

The team will consist of Fredrik Hermansen (picture to the right) who will play the title role. Visuals will be handled by Sabrina Jacobsson, and NOOR productions Trond Peter Stamsø Munch will direct the play.

The play will be produced in collaboration with Gaza Week Tromsø and the festival MOTforestillinger, and we hope to be able to perform in Tromsø, Oslo and Trondheim

So far the production has been financed by Fond for Lyd og Bilde and Tromsø City Counsil.

mandag 15. mai 2017

Poems with settings from the Middle Eastern conflict on stage in Bogota

From the 3rd til the 9th of May NOOR productions Tale Næss was one of two guests at the specially focused edition of Bogota International Poetry Festival.
  The focus followed to strands. One was the topic of peace - and the other on contemporary norwegian poetry.
  Næss`poetry was written after several journeys in the Middle East and reflects the conflict there and the strain it lies on the individuals sovereignty over her own life and her abillity to express herself.
  Underneath is an interview by Næss, written for the festivals web page and magazine. The interview is en spanish and english.
Which relationships do you think there are between poetry and peace?
I consider peace the foundation that all public life. It`s what free citicenship is built upon.
Considero que la paz es la fundación de toda vida pública. Sobre la paz está construída la libertad ciudadana.
It’s the space from where freedom can be built. The freedom to feel, to raise ones
La paz es el espacio desde el cual la libertad puede ser construída. La libertad de sentir, de expresar la opinion de cada uno, de expresar los sentimientos de uno artísticamente en tiempos de Guerra d

onsdag 26. april 2017

Tromsø Counsil supports NOOR productions

Tromsø Counsil supports NOOR productions projects "Sweatshop" and "the Blessed".
  We hope to raise enough fonds to start rehearsels next spring.
  Sabrina Jacobsen is now a part of the team on "the Blessed" as a light designer and scenographer. Fredrik Hermansen will play the main part and we are cooporating with Gaza week in Tromsø and the anual festival MOTforestillinger.
  The photograph is from the garden of getshemane in Jerusalem.

tirsdag 10. januar 2017

14th of december and a 1000 lights

On the 14th of December 2016 people all over Norway took to the streets to show their support for refugees all over the world. In Tromsø Amnesty and Redd Barna was two of the organizers and they asked NOOR productions Tale Næss to write a text for the occation.
  The text was read by the actor Marius Lien.


onsdag 30. november 2016

"Sweatshop" - a fruitful workshop at KHiO

This autumn the project "Sweatshop" received funding for project development.
  The project is based on true events.
  On the 6th of january the english newspaper Guardian wrote :
Turkish police have uncovered a factory producing fake lifejackets, shining a light on a booming cottage industry that has emerged as a byproduct of the refugee crisis and heightened the risks for those hoping to reach Europe by sea.
Police allegedly seized 1,263 lifejackets filled with non-buoyant materials from an illegal workshop in Izmir that employed two Syrian children, according to Agence France-Presse and Dogan news agencies.
  Since then NOOR productions dramatist Tale Næss has been working on a script telling the story about the life wests and the girl producing them.
  Næss is a Research Fellow at Oslo National Academy of the Arts the Theatre Department, and this november a workshop was held on the text she is developing inspired by the events in Izmir.
  Three dancers, a director and three actors took part in the workshop that explored the meetingpoint between theatre and dance, storytelling and situations, playacting and recitation.

fredag 9. september 2016

"Where the children sleep"

NOOR productions Tale Næss has been invited to present a reading of her short play "Where the children sleep" at the SAND-festival in Kristiansand.
  Playwright and dramaturge Tale Næss has written a dramatic and lyrical text based on Magnus Wennman’s photo report about refugee children. As the text is being performed, the performers seek to address the audience in a direct and open fashion – hoping to establish a room where the audience, the performers, the text and the facts it represents will come together as a common experience. Not as a text being performed in front of an audience, but as shared experience by a communal “we”. The project Der barna sover/Where children sleep is a part of Tale Næss work as an Artistic Research Fellow at Oslo National Academy of the Arts, the Theatre Department.

The reading is performed in Norwegian.

torsdag 19. mai 2016

NOOR produksjoner presents their project at MOTforestillinger

NOOR produksjoners Trond Peter Stamsø Munch presents NOOR's plans and productions. He explanes it as art as activism and activism as art.

MOTforestillinger is a festival that celebrates artivism – activist art and the art of activism – a force that can never be silenced. It offers a stage for artists who through their work express a necessary critique of Zionist ideology and government, its military policies and the occupation of Palestine.
The festival explore different ways art and activism confronts the occupation regime. It asks: What can we in civil society do in the struggle for a truly just solution in the Israel/Palestine conflict?
  MOTforestillinger was held for the first time in January 2015, as a response to the Norwegian National Theatre’s participation in the project “Terrorisms”, in which the Israeli National Theatre, Habima, also took part. Habima performs regularly in illegal settlements in the West Bank.
  NOOR produksjoners Tale Næss participated as a moderator and her poetry was presented. Here she reads her own poem "to Gaza on the 31st of July", together with the palestinian author Akram Musallam. The poem was read in english and arabic.